Saturday 27 December 2008

The Unexpected

Sometimes the unexpected comes from quarters one least expects it. In an earlier post on Lifetrons X-mini Capsule Rechargeable Speaker, I mentioned that my Dell Inspiron 8200 internal speakers had stopped working for sometime. Furthermore, it had a problem with its Trackpad. I felt that the Palmrest/Touchpad Assembly (Part No. 3H400) comprising of Palmrest, Trackpad and internal speakers needed to be replaced. I found a used one on eBay for £14.99. Following the replacement of the assembly, the speakers started to work, which was totally unexpected.

I now have a fully functional Dell Inspiron 8200. This notebook is six years old, but still works fine for VB programming, web design using Dreamweaver, MS office related work and web browsing. My seven year old uses it ocassionally to browse the internet and do his homework. Though there is a two year old desktop at home, which both my children use to do their homework, using the notebook right now seems a bit of a novelty to them.

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