Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lifetrons X-mini Capsule Rechargeable Speaker

 Dell Inspiron 8200 internal speaker has stopped working for more than a year now. I however get sound when connecting the headphones to the audio out port. The solution I found out was the motherboard needs to be replaced; which I reckon is an expensive option for a six year old notebook.

Whilst on my flight to India (in KLM's inflight magazine) I came across this tiny speaker manufactured by Lifetrons of Switzerland. The product is the world’s first extendable vacuum bass speaker, utilizing the patented Bass Xpansion System™ (BXS) technology which was developed and powered by Singaporean based technology company XMI. It costed me 30 Euros, saving me an expensive motherboard replacement. I am certainly impressed with the quality of the speakers.


Charlie said...

where online?, please if you find it email me at

aravindajasmin said...

We also bought our Lifetron mini speakers during a flight, from South African Airlines (on special for ca. 34 USD), and are extremely happy with the sound quality of this tiny gadget (far superior to the in-built speakers of our Mac).
Could you please let us know where you found them online for 21 Euro (we only found them on Lifetrons' own site for 70 USD each!). Thank you,
Jasmin (

Donna said...

I bought this inflight yesterday (EVA Air) for $35.I'm loving it! I'm using it with my Mac and iPod.

emerita said...

i bought a Lifetrons drumbass speaker during a flight from singapore to manila, on tiger airways. i paid 53 Singapore dollars. I'm using it with my netbook, sometimes with my stereo cassette radio recorder, and sometimes with my cell phone. the sound is fantastic. it's unbelievable that a very small speaker can produce that kind of sound. it's my best buy ever yet!

emerita said...

i bought mine less than a month ago. i'd like to add that the design is impressive--it's simple but one look at it and you will know it's not the cheap kind that you see in many electronic shops.

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