Sunday 15 January 2012

Hugin - Panorama Sticher

The great thing about Ubuntu (a Linux derivative, which is an Open Source Operating System) is it has got myriad of applications that are free and work exceptionally well. One of them is Hugin - Panorama Sticher. It is a great application which allows a person to create a panoramic view from a series of pictures taken in a panoramic sequence. Here is how the interface of the application looks like.

The interface is well laid out. It has got the Assistant window where one loads the images and thereafter creates a panaromic image in Tiff. It is easy to convert the Tiff file into Jpeg using another photo viewer application which I like very much, which is Shotwell.

There are other windows (like Images, Camera and Lens, Crop, Mask, Control Points, Optimiser, Exposure, Sticher, which allows a person to do specific changes to the output of the image file.

Here is a panoramic photograph I had taken today. Have a look at the quality of the image. This has been compressed from a Tiff file (70+ MB) to a Jpeg file (roughly 3.6 MB). You still wouldn't notice any loss of quality. The images were all taken using a iPhone 4S.

The link to the complete panoramic view with the original quality is here.

Welcome to the Open Source Community and Welcome to Ubuntu.

BTW, Hugin Panaromic Sticher is also available for Windows and Mac. However, the Windows version keeps crashing, which is not the case with the Ubuntu version. I will report the version on Mac shortly.

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