Saturday 15 January 2011

Notion Ink adam

I have followed Notion Ink adam's progress for the past year or so. adam is an electronic tablet or slate, which runs on an User Interface (UI) named Eden overlaid onto the latest Android OS (a mobile operating platform). Three years in the making, adam is ready for official release. The pre-order phase (open for a week) ended in late 2010. Notion Ink created waves during CES 2011 and adam received rave reviews by the tech bloggers. A few selected links of the tech blogger's hands-on videos:
  1. Engadget "Notion Ink adam hands-on preview (Video)" by Joanna Stern
  2. Slashgear "Notion Ink adam hands-on at CES 2011" by Chris Davies
  3. Crunchgear "Our hands-on with Notion Ink adam tablet" by John Biggs
  4. I4U "Notion Ink's Adam is for Real. I even got to play with it" by Robert Evans
There are few web blogs run by the fans of Notion Ink adam. These are;
  1. Notion Ink Fan
  2. Notion Ink Hacks
  3. Adam Tablet News
  4. Notion Addicts 
If you are interested to know more about adam's workings, there are a lot of videos on this official Notion Ink's Youtube Channel. The young CEO (aged just 25) of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan, runs the company's official blog, which has a wide following amongst the Notion Ink fans. The blog managed 5 million hits so far, since its inception in April 2009, the highest being on 9th December 2010 (the day of the first pre-order), when it reached a peak of 310,000 hits.

The orders are likely to be open shortly and for those who are looking for a new electronic tablet/slate, which is competitively priced and has got all the features one expects on a tablet, look no further.

Here is the promo video of adam....

Adam Promo from Notion Ink on Vimeo.


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