Thursday 14 May 2009

Resolving Sound in RealPlayer 11 under Ubuntu Jaunty

Following an upgrade from Ubuntu Intrepid to Jaunty, I lost sound in RealPlayer. This is how to get it back.

Firstly, open RealPlayer 11 and go to Tools>Preferences>Hardware. Set the Audio Driver to OSS and untick all the boxes.

Execute the following code in Terminal.

sudo gedit /opt/real/RealPlayer/realplay

and thereafter replace the following text in Line 52,

$HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin "$@"


padsp -n RealPlayer -m RealPlayerStream $HELIX_LIBS/realplay.bin "$@"

Restart the system. You should now have sound in RealPlayer 11 under Ubuntu Jaunty.


Michael said...

Thanks very much Rama, for posting that fix. unfortunately, for me it did not work. No change, no sound, just video. Any other ideas? (Yes, my speaker is turned on)

Michael said...

Michael again. Once I restarted, it worked. Thank you again.